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Pnina, 42

We met at a time when I felt overwhelmed and without someone to talk to in a completely honestly way, and reveal what was in my heart. In the encounters between us, I found a listening ear to share  my inner most challenging emotions. Mostly I felt I had a safe place to bare all I was feeling, and someone to help me process and understand what I was going through. Along the way you gave me tools that helped me put things into proportion, the ability to understand that not everything is in my hands and the legitimacy to allow for emotional experiencing which I know now has a place, even the least positive ones,  and knowing that that's okay too. The tools you gave me in therapy will accompany throughout my journey in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Ortal, 26

I was in a difficult period having frequent anxiety attacks, OCD and bothersome thoughts that affected my sleep and general functioning. I just started a new job, had trouble sleeping at night and the anxiety threshold rose. But then I came to therapy and we started a relatively short treatment something like two and a half months and after a few single sessions I already felt a change! You taught me not to be afraid of my thoughts and allow myself to sleep at night, you taught me about OCD and how to overcome it, you helped me get rid of the fears and overcome anxiety attacks and it is so amazing to feel a change and improvement in a relatively short period of time. After the treatment with you I went back out with friends, went on dates and maintained a new job. I'm glad I came to you for treatment and thank you for giving me exactly the answer I needed at the right time when I was almost on the verge of collapse. 

Netta, 38

I came to Elisabeth because I was having major difficulty sleeping. With her soft, sensitive and practical approach, Elisabeth introduced me to the world of cognitive therapy and mindfulness. The tools she gave me helped a lot with sleep difficulties and other challenges, these are tools I can use even today.

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